Wireless weather monitoring station for smartphones

temperature Temperature
temperature Humidity
temperature Dew Point
temperature Air Pressure

Plug and play

Change your smartphone into a Weather station by one tap. No Wi-Fi or base station required. After inserting a battery Weam instantly monitors the environment without any complicated configuration.

Dew Point
Air Pressure

Analyze past trends

The Weather station stores 2-day history in 15 minute intervals for all monitored parameters.

Public mode

Measured data are transmitted to the surroundings and available to everyone within reach via a Weam smartphone app. The ideal solution for open space offices and public spaces.

Private mode

Measured data encryption option for preserving your privacy.

Low energy design

Hardware designed for low energy consumption and Bluetooth Smart technology use means long lifespan of the standard battery size AAA


Your choice for monitoring indoor conditions.


also available in black

Your choice for monitoring outdoor conditions.


also available in black